An Elevated




The First Dispensary In The Country By And For Women Of Color

Josephine and Billie’s wants as many Women of Color as possible to experience and discover the healing properties of plant medicine. Our dispensary is a communal, creative and safe space for both education and exploration.

Our Vision

Our name pays homage to Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday, two women of color who were persecuted for their cannabis consumption and yet used their art to fight against injustice, rejected the mainstream, made their own rules, and most importantly, held the door open for other women who will come after them.

Our Commitment

Josephine & Billies is committed to being a voice for women of color in the space, a demographic that has been overlooked for far to long. It is our goal to bring first in class cannabis education, access and community to communities of color nationwide.


We believe women of color deserve safe access to plant medicine in all forms, and that they should not have to drive outside of their communities to find them.



We believe that it’s critical that our communities have access to information that allows them to discover the best cannabis products for the recreational and medicinal needs. That’s why you’ll find our store design by terpene profile, our walls filled with educational signs, and why we offer educational classes, workshops, and meet ups in our J&B stores.



Communities of color have been disproportionately disenfranchised by the war on drugs for years and in legalization it’s critical that black and brown businesses have an opportunity to succeed in this industry. That’s why Josephine & Billies has a commitment to putting black, brown, women & LGBTQ led businesses on our shelves and being a critical part of an inclusive supply chain.



It’s absurd to live in a world where we can sell legal cannabis and yet hundreds and thousands of people remain in prison for doing the same thing. We are committed to shining a bright light on these inequities in hopes of reform.



We believe that we have a obligation to give back to the communities in which we serve, with educational programming, financial support and partnerships that uplift and empower.



We believe that everyone has a place in the cannabis industry, And we’re committed to being the change that we want to see in the industry.



We never want to miss an opportunity to create a magical and engaging experience that exceeds a visitors expectations. Happy customers and partners will always be our best store advocates.